Blanking pipe cleaner
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  • 供货能力:2000
  • 最低订购量:1台
  • 可销售总数量:20台
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  • 发布日期: 2018-12-27
  • 更新日期: 2019-03-03
用途: 疏通 品牌: 微衡
型号: QSJ400 功率: 1.5 KW
容积: 200 L

product description:

Material sticky wall sweeping machine is a new product developed by our company for chemical materials, milk powder and other materials that are easy to stick in the conical part of the lower part of the equipment. The product has been successfully used in Yangzhou Warren Fine Chemical Company's Production engineering, the effect is obvious, the company's praise

The device is stable, low power, easy to operate.

working principle:

  Materials easily adhere to the wall (especially the spray drying tower) can not be discharged smoothly, often causing the system to stop the maintenance and repair, material removal. The sweeper can achieve a 360-degree rotation of the scraper on the wall of the machine to completely remove material from the wall of the machine, thereby improving the operation efficiency of the equipment and greatly reducing the labor intensity of the worker.

Main composition:

 The equipment mainly consists of equipment body, driving device, connecting flange, control cabinet and so on.

The main technical parameters:

1for a variety of round or cone-type equipment; 

2scraper material: stainless steel; 

3 motor power: 1.5Kw; 

4rated power: 380V;

5scraper speed: 10 ~ 30 seconds / week adjustable;

6equipment quality: 450Kg.

control method:

 1manual control: manually start the control button, the sweeper press pre-set time, scraper in the inner wall to do 360-degree rotary motion, clean the material attached to the wall;

2automatic control: the automatic / manual switch to switch to automatic position, according to set a good time interval, the automatic operation of the cleaning machine, automatic stop, to adhere to the inner wall of the material removal effect.