Bottom agitator
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  • 发布日期: 2019-08-08
  • 更新日期: 2019-08-08
货号: 用途: 搅拌
外型尺寸: 品牌: 微衡
型号: QMF-500

Product introduction:

Bottom agitator is a new product developed by our company aiming at the problem that the material is easy to stick to the wall and the material is difficult to cut or the material is easy to arch at the upper part of the discharge port.

The bottom agitator is installed at the outlet of the warehouse. The agitator blade extends to a certain height of the cone warehouse and rotates along the wall of the warehouse to remove the wall sticky material and ensure the smooth discharge. At the same time, it can effectively prevent the powder from arching. The lower part of the stirring blade can also extend into a certain position of the feeding pipe to prevent the blockage of the feeding pipe.

  The mixer is for the middle feeding, without additional feeding pipe, occupies small space, is easy to install, and runs reliably.

In the actual production process, the powder is easy to adhere to the wall of the warehouse, which is easy to cause poor cutting. Affected by the physical characteristics of powder, sometimes it is easy to arch. In this case, the effect of traditional vibration and knocking is not obvious, and the intensity of labor is high, so the workers suffer terribly.

Major components:

The equipment mainly consists of stirrer body, driving device, stirring blade, control cabinet and so on.

Main technical parameters:

1. Applicable to all kinds of circular or conical equipment;

2. Scraper material: high temperature resistant stainless steel;

3. Number of stirring blades: It can be reasonably determined according to the size of the feeding tube.

4. Motor power: 1.5-5.0 Kw;

5. rated power supply: 380V;

Control mode:

Manual control: Manual start control button, mixer preset time, mixer blade along the inner wall to do 360 degrees of rotation movement to remove materials adhering to the wall at the same time can remove arch;

Automatic control: The automatic/manual switch is switched to the automatic position. According to the set time interval, the agitator automatically runs and stops automatically, so as to realize the function of clearing the material adhering to the inner wall.

The company can design and produce mixers adapted to the site according to the actual situation.


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