Mechanical arch breaker
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  • 发布日期: 2021-11-28
  • 更新日期: 2023-03-22
品牌 weiheng
型号 QSJ350;QSJ300;QSJ250
制造商 Xuzhou Weiheng Energy Equipment Co., Ltd

一、        Product overview

In the process of industrial production, materials are often easy to adhere to the inner wall of the cone or the inner wall of the pipeline due to the influence of physical characteristics or the structural size of the warehouse. In serious cases, the pipeline will be blocked and the system will be shut down. Such as: coal drop pipe of coal feeder in thermal power plant, material sticking or arching on the inner wall of warehouse body, etc. It greatly reduces the production efficiency, improves the production cost and increases the labor intensity of workers

In order to solve this problem, our company has developed a mechanical arch breaker, which can remove arch camber and blockage in time

The rotary arch breaker is mainly used for occasions such as blocked discharge port, arching, unsmooth blanking, etc

二、 Working principle:

The rotary plug remover uses the gear of the reducer with large speed ratio to drive the rotary bearing. The rotary bearing drives the rotary head to rotate around the center line. The rotary scraper close to the inner wall will clean the materials adhered to the inner wall without affecting the material flow. Thus, the problem that the inner wall sticks to the wall and is not smooth is solved。

三、 Equipment features:

① The equipment adopts a reducer with large speed ratio, and the rotation speed is slow and adjustable. Stable operation and high efficiency;

② The equipment adopts gear transmission structure, with simple installation, convenient maintenance and high transmission efficiency;

③ It adopts high temperature resistant and wear-resistant sealing materials, double sealing, tight sealing, long service life and convenient replacement; Due to the special occasions in which the equipment is used, it is not recommended to adopt the continuous 24-hour operation mode, which can be started and operated regularly and manually according to the actual situation;

④ Wear resistant materials, such as 65Mn, 304 stainless steel, etc., are used at the parts in contact with materials;

⑤ The scraper is made of 40mo, 65Mn and other materials, with long service life and convenient replacement;

⑥ The equipment is equipped with an integrated driving device, which has the advantages of small occupied space, convenient installation and high transmission efficiency;

⑦ When filling lubricating oil in each operating part of the equipment, it is not necessary to disassemble the equipment as a whole. The above functions can be realized only by opening the refueling cover plate. The equipment design is reasonable and the maintenance workload is small;

⑧ The equipment has compact structure, small overall size and convenient installation.

四、Main specifications, models and parameters:

Model: QDJ200 QDJ250 QDJ300 QDJ350 QSD400 QSD500 QSD600

Rotation speed rpm 1.5~10rpm

Power (kw) one point one one point five two point two three three four five point five

Note: the company can also produce according to the actual connection size on site.

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